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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... But it would probably help them become decent recreational players faster. Murray's game should translate so darn well to grass, and he won his first grass tournament last week, but not sure if he's a real threat to Fed just yet. Will be interesting to see how Del Potro does on grass.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. His draw looks really really good, though, and if he can get through the early rounds and become energized by the public support and excitement that is sure to reach fever pitch if he gets to quarters... He's got a big serve and can flatten out his groundies, no reason why he shouldn't do well on grass, especially now that the grass has been slowed down to such an extent that some people say the US Open is the fastest of the Slams. Out of his half, Haas and Tsonga could pose the most problems. Fed usually does very well against power hitters, he struggles more against guys who have complete games, so not really worried about Karlovic and Soderling. He was attacking at unpredictable moments, serving really well, and not letting Andy Murray get a rhythm. He's not going to beat Andy by being patient and playing smarter, his only real chance was going for broke with his big serve and forehand.Still, no matter how he plays, if he's serving over 65% for the match, he's going to beat anybody on grass. So I think the opposite, that winning the French is great for Fed's chances from here on out.With that monkey off his back, he can swing more freely, and he's a guy who plays on emotion, innate timing, and feel.

Just by being Fed, he would have 2 games a set in the bag even before the coin toss. I think for a while he was unraveled by the fact people didn't fear him as much, but he's adjusting and maybe relishing this new challenge.

He was hitting a lot of off speed short slices to exploit Del Potro's height and movement. I thought Fish had a chance against Novak, definitely didn't think he'd get routined in straight sets.

If he'd been dumb enough to make it a straight up slug fest, Del Potro would have won, but Hewitt really mixed it up. He needs to hire Brad Gilbert or Larry Stefanki to be his coach, because he's a guy with HUGE weapons, but no idea how to use them properly. In the Murray match, he looked like he still cared, like he wanted to get back in it, but he was just serving bombs and going for winners all over the place, like he thought he was going to simply hit his way back into the match against one of the best movers in the game. He needs to take some cues from Agassi, who truly didn't become great until he learned to contain his power a bit and play higher percentage, more boring tennis. Fed looked good against Kolschrieber, especially in the second set, but I get worried when he has to hit so many spectacular shots to win points.

Roddick will have to be serving lights out and hitting huge forehands to beat Murray. Federer wins on Sunday no matter how many sets it goes to... He was hitting his forehands with deadly intent, always looking to move in.

He will need to come out swinging and balls must be falling in. A Williams sisters final would be great for tennis. I didn't see the match because I am celebrating my country's indepenance by attending a Tea Party to protest my government's attempt to take my independance away. Sounds easy but he was doing it well enough that if not for that bricked high backhand volley in the tie-breaker, he could have won in 3 or 4 sets. Then again, Fed missed a couple of very routine (for him) forehands in the first set that would have allowed him to take it 6-4.

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