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JESSE SPENCER Now known best from starring in House, where he played Dr Robert Chase alongside Hugh Laurie from 2004-2012, Jesse Spencer started off as Billy, the youngest member of the Kennedy clan.

Fans are still hoping for them to reunite one day and still support their love over the social networks.She happily played along with that, answering him “Yeah I’ll marries w/ you for sure..”; reaction that made the fan dream about the eventual wedding!Josh Dun is the drummer of the band Twenty One Pilots and he dated the former “Jesse” star for nearly a year and half before interrupting the relationship during the fall of 2014.As romantic person she likes romantic situations such heart-melting shots on social networks, parties, romantic dinners in treehouses (with Josh Dun): these are just few of the elements to conquer her kind heart.There is, though, a side of Debby that many do not know: in 2015 she finally opened up about a personal struggle close to home, a dating abuse.

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  1. I know it took me the better part of a year post separation to feel healed. I am not going into the morality part here, I am speaking mostly from the perspective that when two people are still technically married, the potential for reconciliation and getting back together is not as difficult as a simple breakup of GF and BF.

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