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The Ladies make up nicknames and recount how awesome the first 3/4 of the...

It's finally time for Keltie's turn in the spotlight as we learn a little more about her from the perspective of Becca & Jac!

The Canadian master of microblading is making her rounds in the US and stops by to talk to Becca & Jac about her humble beginnings, as well as her gift of tattooing on natural features like eyebrows, freckles and even nipples! The Lip Expert herself is in the studio to talk about the inspiration behind her line of soothing lip products and how Brittany Spears meets lip gloss, then weighs judgement on the current beauty trends. The Ladies shell out a whole to find out their Enneagram Personality Numbers and speculate what number Jac would be! The business guru and author of "Confidence Creator" talks about expertly handling herself after getting fired, what it takes to stand out in the business world, and give you tips on keeping you shine and being a bad ass business... Jeans Guy's identity is revealed while it's time to take a look at Hollywood again as the Ladies eye the Jessica Simpson's latest pregnancy, Tiffany Haddish's Emmy drama, new jobs in the great North, Bradley Cooper's...

Vote for the Lady Gang for the 2018 People's Choice Award at pca. The actress, TV host, and equestrienne joins the Ladies this week to talk about her reign on the game show circuit, aging less-than-subtly, and the art of Swedish Death Giving. Despite going on tangents about broaches, earmuffs and big words, the Ladies give you a behind-the-scenes look on their upcoming television premiere on October 28th at only on E! It's for for another BLEEPING Quickie where Keltie shares a new BLEEPing catchphrase and Becca's dog makes a BLEEPing noisy cameo before the ladies answer your BLEEP questions about starting a business and so much more BLEEP. Get a quick sneak peak into the Ladies' latest venture as Keltie tells a story about how her husband has helped her learn to love her own vagina.

Aside from many bleepings, the Ladies play Oprah with all sorts of giveaways while playing another round of trivia and answering fan questions...

The ageless model, actress and singer pops by the Lady Gang to talk about how she overcame her self-doubt in Hollywood and her uniquely unconventional relationship with her ex-husband before giving some tips on how she maintains her beautiful...Before leaving NYC for the heatwave back home, the Ladies do this week's Quickie in their hotel room with Becca's favorite ornery Aussie and personal trainer Donna Sexton!She goes into her very tough love method to training and...He worked with Brent Wilson and Trevor Howell who played the guitar with another boy so that they can make up the Summer League. He was also in the music video "One of THOSE Nights" by the Cabs and Fall Out Boy members Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump. His father is George Ryan Ross II and his mother is Danielle Ross.He is of American nationality and he is of white ethnicity.

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