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Although we all appreciate the male body over here at Gurl.com, we have to face facts: penises are awkward and weird.But girls generally get turned on more by thinking about something – thus the reason the book of is insanely popular. Basically, this guy probably thought he was going to be turning you on by sending you a picture of his nether regions, because he would get totally turned on if you sent him a picture of your lady bits. If that’s the case, feel free to say, “Hey, don’t ever send me a naked picture like that again.For instance, it is unclear if sexting is confined to messages between romantic partners, or whether photos sent under duress or pressure constitute sexting.Although there is a lack of consistent definition, “sexting” to procure sexual intercourse may fall under the provinces of laws that aim to protect young persons against predatory advances.The accused and the victim had met on an app and exchanged numerous text messages via SMS and Whatsapp thereafter.During the course of their virtual communication, the accused and the victim had exchanged messages on sexual matters, including messages from the accused on having sex in his car.Once you send a racy picture, this dude could hold onto it forever.

Section 376E of the Penal Code, on sexual grooming, is another piece of legislation that aims to protect minors under 16.The CYPA is an Act which aims to provide protection for children and young persons, where section 2 of the CYPA defines a “child” as a person below 14 years of age and a “young person” as a person who is 14 years of age or above and below the age of 16 years.Section 7 of the CYPA states that: (a) any person who in public or private “commits or abets the commission of or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any person of any obscene or indecent act with any child or young person”, or (b) any person who in public or private “procures or attempts to procure the commission of any obscene or indecent act by any child or young person”, is guilty of an offence and can be fined up to ,000 or jailed up to 5 years, or both.Hi Heather, The other day I was sexting with my crush (we’ve been hooking up for a while). I mean, there’s nothing wrong with them at all, and not all girls feel this way, but I think I can safely say you’re not alone in getting turned off by a penis picture.It was just words and stuff until he asked me to send him some dirty pictures. Besides the fact that penises can be, um, kind of ugly at times, there’s another reason why not every girl is into pictures of genitalia the way dudes are.

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