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This column is required for enriching data, but is not imported, so ignore the warning. Rename the import job if needed, change the notification options if needed, and then click Import.Similarly we fetch the user views associated with any entity in method User View Collection.Select field delimiter (Character used to separate columns of data.) and data delimiter (The character used to surround data that includes the field delimiter.For example, if the field delimiter is a comma, and the data delimiter is quotation marks, one column in a file could contain "Redmond, WA" and still be treated as a single column).Note: A record will not be updated if it has been changed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM after it was exported.In the Map Source Data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM section you will always see at least one Ignored column warning for the Modified On column.The System and User views of the selected entities are shown in the selection box.

If you clear the Enrich data by updating records rather than creating new records check box, the records will not be updated.

In addition to the columns defined in the saved view, we also get the primary key and ‘last modified’ fields for the records.

Having these two columns is necessary for preparing the data that we can re-import to update the records.

The user can modify the records in the data grid and then click the button “Update Records in MSCRM”.

This internally constructs a CSV file with modified records contents and submits an import job to the MSCRM service.

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