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And, you’d have to talk to them about boredom, which would probably really easily bore them. Richard Cummings is writer, traveler, and web content developer.Get your copy of his latest book entitled Obvious Conclusions, stories of a Midwestern emigrant influenced and corrupted by many years living in San Francisco and abroad.It turns out a lot of people are looking for fun things to do at work when bored and top things to do when bored.

Finally, if you’re looking to break into the higher tiers, you’re going to need a nice place. Use indirect game and she’ll assume you’re a little kid. If you want to avoid the flakiness (you won’t) your best bet is to obtain solid and strong eye contact.That or they are socially inept and cannot tell how people are treated differently. Cliff Notes: 1) lower expectation of language abilities in major cities – more so outside of Rio and Sao Paulo, 2) being in shape is practically a necessity, 3) lots of exposure to many cultures, 4) expensive destination these days, 5) extremely friendly relative to other countries, a great place for a newbie This place has a negative stigma against an Indian look or a darker skinned person.Hence why it drops off the list for black guys and Indian guys.If you’re going to Mexico work on your Mambo (Tito Rodriguez). If you already know how to dance on one, on two and on three… In short, if you’re looking to gain an edge you should have *decent* salsa skills. We apologize in advance if we missed the country you’re going to but we don’t type about stuff we don’t know (you guys know this already).Naturally, speaking the language is a much more needed skill. Then you can show off your intermediate skills and impress. there are literally millions of better salsa dancers in Latin America. Rio, Argentina, Medellin, Domincan Republic, Mexico City, Peru Feel free to make small adjustments to the order above. Anyone who has been to all six is going to understand the order. Rio would drop down the list and if you absolutely hate thinner bodies then Argentina and Medellin would drop down as well. Generally speaking, you’re not expected to know much Portuguese.

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Finally, once you’re competent at dancing you do the opposite… Your friends who are also good at salsa are going to talk a big game and tell everyone that they are great at dancing. Facial attractiveness is not really debatable, as it is based on the symmetry of the face. Finally, just like everything else in life, the more attractive the women the harder it is to do well in that city. To get top tier girls, you need to be a top tier guy (in their eyes). So if you only have one year to prepare, it ends up being a great destination for anyone across multiple ethnicities. The major cities have had a lot of international influence so there is less racism.

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