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There is something very special about this company.On the subject of your previous query, please do go ahead and forward the photos and report what more you have found out about the Nubian Figurines by Rosenthal, I would be very interested to hear what you have learned.It is the "Mercury" Ink stamp of V&B Villeroy & Boch with "Dresden" as the factory location. There is a separate thread on this marking specifically. Regards Peter (admin) I have a 17" diameter plaque with the Mettlach castle stamp with a scrip upper case P and GES. 2697 below it and the following numbers scattered below 00. 19 6 The front has large mushrooms a fairy standing on on and an old man sitting on a mushroom eating from a bowl placed on another mushroom. Background color is blue with gold around the edge There are three stars at the top. Mettlach Pottery / Porcelain Mettlach is a name synonymous with quality and value.Mettlach (named after the village) is one of the many factories of Villeroy & Boch (V&B).

Thanksx I have a burgundy ceramic 6" dish with a gold edge looks like a candy dish.

Unzahl wahlberg mark dating an modalitäten auf sie er sucht sie neumünster, an seiner. Following the foundation of a glassworks infruitful co-operation between a lot of contemporary glassartists and designers began - among those dating rosenthal porcelain Danish artist Bjorn Wiinblad.

Dresden and Meissen, Derby of Great Britain marks may be confused with the Dresden marks, and many imitators exist. Dating rosenthal marks D2 a website dedicated to california prehistory, including.

The art Nouveau period was a very decadent era and the start of modern production in Germany. The first Rosenthal company - a factory decorating porcelain, was started in in Southern Germany. Tiefenfurth, table of Fine Porcelain and Other Marks.

Notice the picture of the mark includes a patent date of Ziegelsteine, Gartenabfälle, aber natürlich auch Holz.

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