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There may be a maker's mark, a national mark (crown), a purity mark, a town mark and a date code. Some thimbles may be marked 'Denmark' or 'Sterling'.

Further importance is placed on the shared commitment towards social responsibility, and a portion of the money from each artwork sold is donated to a charity selected by the artist.

Operating at the center of Providence’s art scene, Yellow Peril Gallery shows the work of emerging and mid-career artists whose work engages in a critical way with contemporary popular culture.

Exhibitions gather inspiring and provocative work with the goal of prompting discussions between visitors that last beyond the brief visit to the gallery.

Some marks may be very small and difficult to find, you can often identify the site of a mark (especially thimbles marked in France) by looking for a small rounded, 'bulge' on the inside of the thimble - this then acts as a guide to the punch mark on the outside of the thimble.

Check mark on thimble and try clicking matching or similar mark below for more information or image enlargement: Thimbles are usually too small for complex marking and German thimbles often only have an 800 stamp signifying 80% purity.

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