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The minaret was actually forgotten for many centuries.It was rediscovered in 1886 by Sir Thomas Holdich, forgotten again, and rediscovered in 1957.The steps first end in an open chamber, where visitors can look out over the rivers and nearby scenery.

Ralph Pinder-Wilson conducted a major study of the minaret, concluding that it was built to commemorate the victory of Mu'izz ad-Din, over Prithviraj Chauhan.

It's inscriptions are largely ignored, greed, war and ignorance continue, man is always quick to judge and slow to change.

But this monument is a true test If his created Stone, will outlast him; or will man outgrow his, inner most demons ?

The Foundation was founded to create jobs, teach skills and foster national identity.

It is based in Kabul, and aims to regenerate historic urban areas, renew traditional Afghan arts and architecture, and promote sustainable development of Afghanistan’s craft industry.

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