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The act consists of discussions between the traders and Sanhedrin, who agree that Jesus must be arrested to preserve Mosaic law. In the second, the loving bridesmaid from the Song of Solomon laments the loss of her groom.In the play, Christ is anointed by Mary Magdalene, then takes leave of his mother and friends.Judas contemplates betraying his master and is tempted by Dathan and other merchants. The Passover Seder or Last Supper is celebrated in a scene evocative of the famous Da Vinci painting.

He enters Jerusalem for the last time and weeps over the fate of the city.

The evolution of the Passion Play was about the same as that of the Easter Play, originating in the ritual of the Latin Church, which prescribes, among other things, that the Gospel on Good Friday should be sung in parts divided among various persons.

Prelude The prologue and chorus greet the audience. In the first, Adam and Eve, wearing sheepskins are banished from the Garden of Eden by a winged angel who holds a sword in the form of a flame.

Each scene precedes that section of the play that is considered to be prefigured by the scene.

The three tableaux mentioned are presented to the audience as prefiguring Christianity superseding Judaism, Judas selling information on the location of Jesus, and the crucifixion of Jesus.

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