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Perrey Reeves, who plays Ari's wife, asks Ellin if they're allowed to curse in front of a baby, as Doug's 12-year-old son Lucas, who plays Reeves' son, has already been doing, quite liberally. If you didn't want to hear cursing, baby, you shouldn't have signed on to the Entourage movie.Between takes, Piven heads behind the huge house to eat a taco from food services, and a dollop of guacamole falls on his tuxedo pants.(In a few hours, Ferrara will right this braux pas by buying the crew sandwiches from Fat Sal's, a restaurant he co-owns; the delicious "Fat Jerry" contains cheesesteak, chicken fingers, fries, mozzarella sticks, fried eggs, bacon and mayo.)Piven also worries about being further typecast in his Entourage role.Despite his playing a much more controlled jerk in ITV's Mr.He wipes it off, not particularly panicked about pants-stain continuity errors in the Entourage movie."I felt I left it all on the field, so it wasn't like I was longing to get back in there and right the wrongs," he says of agreeing to once again play power-mad Ari, a role that won him a Golden Globe and three consecutive Emmys.

Budding movie star Vince (Adrian Grenier) journeyed west to join his brother, the self-absorbed actor Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), and quickly assembled a posse of childhood friends: rookie manager E (Kevin Connolly) and their pudgy, hapless driver Turtle (Jerry Ferrara)."But growing up in a theater family, it's sacrilegious to turn down a good role," Piven says. It got greenlit like 10 times," says Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays E's pregnant ex-girlfriend Sloan.As he walks off to shoot the wedding scene with that stain on his pants, he says about the film, "Do we need to see more? and HBO also seemed unsure about making more Entourage. The TV show, like most, lost viewers and reviewers in the last couple of seasons, during which Vince developed a serious drug problem and dated a porn star (whereas in earlier seasons, his drama revolved around topics like whether to take the lead role in a blockbuster version of Aquaman).Brokering the quartet's dreams of stardom and riches is a maniacally ruthless agent, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).The show hasn't been off the air that long, but the culture has changed enough that this feels less like a reunion and more like a re-enactment.

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