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Date your Gruen using Style Numbers, described in the article below.

Enter your Style Number in the box below to find your watch's date and additional Style Number information.

Should be no surprise that the graph shows the first Caliber 311 Style Numbers started in 1935 and they ended in 1937.

There is precious little information "out there," unlike many other popular brands such Hamilton, Rolex, Omega, Elgin and others.

It's a visual view of each movement's use of Style Numbers. It shows how many Style Numbers were associated with Caliber 311 movements and what years those Style Numbers represent.

Case Manufacture Date - This date tells you when your specific watch's case was made.

Out of all the dates you can find on a watch, this is the date that determines exactly how old your watch is.

Curiously, the process for dating the earliest Gruen wristwatches -- from about 1915 to 1935 or so -- is probably the easiest because of the limited number of movements that Gruen had available, and the resulting relatively small number of specific models.

The wonderful Gruen Guild Book that the company put out between 1929 and about 1931 (and widely available online) is arguably close to a "Masterbook" of Gruen watches, particularly wristwatches made up to that time period.

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