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The diversity of our ethnicities, languages, culture and values combine to make us proud Ghanaians and proud people.It is based on this my strong personal belief that I have very good friends and close colleagues from almost all the different ethnic groups of Ghana and beyond.Why haven’t the Krobo chiefs and the people gone to court to sue all those who say that?They know these are all centuries-old myths which don’t mean anything offensive.We also remember another song, “ which mocked Ashantis because they are known to have a serious problem with pronouncing ‘R’ and ‘L’, but no Ashanti felt offended but rather saw the fun of the song.As a people, we need to shun all tendencies of ethnocentrism if we are to build a cohesive society where we see ourselves as the same people with diverse languages, cultures, and beliefs.We have heard many of them in songs, stories, and sometimes proverbs and no one shoots anybody for that.

Asking Sarkodie to pay GH¢2 million is nothing short of outright exploitation, more so, when Sarkodie has a child with a Krobo woman and has proudly spoken publicly about his Krobo lady and daughter.If there are promiscuous girls/women among the Krobos, there are equally promiscuous girls/women in all the other Ghanaian ethnic groups.I have worked and related with a lot of Krobo girls and women and I can say that they are as refined and dignified as any women who respect themselves.Each time one uses the saying “” we direct our attention to people from the Volta Region, yet no Ewe who appreciates the jovial way we all Ghanaians tease ourselves, takes offence.Many would usually laugh over it and return ‘fire’ by bringing out an equally funny myth depending on the ethnicity of the one who teased first.

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