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However we were friends for years beforehand, and the relationship was undefined for at least 6 months before we started calling ourselves an official dating couple, so the fact that we knew each other and took it slow before committing may have played a role in our success as a couple but from my experience I can tell you our relationship Is very positive and I have never looked back :) Your story is a great happy ending.Your story doesn't seems to be a typical rebound, as you know each other as good friends and took your time... You did it the best way you can to make it a healthy, lasting relationship.Unlike your healthy way, many others might have a new target or backup right before the breakup...then, jumped into full speed dating or relationship right after the breakup to just replace the missing emotion from the last ex... Perhaps it is (can be) something good for the "devorcee" but how about the new rebound partner?Our original family had to witness our father rebound from one relationship and/or marriage to another after divorcing our mother.

The “get back out there” advice may be much wiser than the cautionary warning, “don’t get involved again too soon.”Other Reads I wonder if this is connected to how long the person was checked out of the previous relationship?Break-ups can be heart-wrenching experiences, marked by distress, unhappiness, even a loss of sense of self (Lewandowski, Aron, Bassis & Kunak, 2006).Can seeking comfort in someone new help the healing process, or is diving into a relationship too quickly after a break-up an unfair and unhealthy way to move forward?Basically, rebound relationships reduce a person’s time being “single” between relationships, sometimes eliminating it altogether.Common wisdom advises against rebound relationships because a relationship begun might be an indulgent distraction that prevents individuals from properly dealing with the break-up of the earlier relationship.

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I am happily married to a man, and we have a beautiful home and family.

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