Monica dating maino

So it too unseasonable to predict anyone as her husband or permanent life partner.

Zakia Baum is the mother of Maino's 11-year-old son, and recently spoke to the Street Disciplez about her belief that Maino cheated on her with Lil Kim.

And I'm like, damn, Jermaine was with her, and I confronted him, but he never admitted to being with her, ever.

"The only time I saw her, I saw her twice with him.

She had a long list of the boyfriend in her personal life.

Probably very few of them would be so good for her.

At same time media also got indications of her back together with an ex.

Recently she and Maino were clubbing together, meanwhile, they are also talking about their engagement plans.

She claims that she was being warned by friends over and over that he was with Kim on the side but she never believed the rumors; however, she said that she eventually found out that he really was cheating with Lil Kim.

"I heard things about them being together while we were together. I would see pictures of them out, my girlfriends would always send me pictures.

She tried to be in touch with this man by making a visit to jail and writing letters to him.

They had their engagement too, but this was later on called off because Lil had to peruse her career.

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Failed Relationships: Floyd Mayweather and Jamie Foxx are two more names of her Ex bf.

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