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Fixed issue where the 'recently found places' toolbar button was not being properly disabled/enabled when the "number of recently found places to remember" was updated in the find preferences. Fixed issue where it appeared that a waypoint was still visible on the map if you find the waypoint in the finder and then delete it. This was done to prevent failures that occurred on some GPS' when waypoints with extremely long names/descriptions were transferred. Changed transfer to GPS code to strictly enforce Garmin-defined waypoint specifications. Updated route dialog to allow copy, cut, or delete when the item is selected. Modified the route and track dialogs to allow the user to paste into the dialog when no item is selected if the route or track is empty. Fixed issue where a detailed map might not be visible at certain zoom levels if the map is very close to the edge of the screen.

If this is not possible, we have added a more informative error message for situations where the user must make a decision about how to handle the conflict. Changed right-click menu option on tide stations from "Feature Properties..." to "Predict Tides..." for added clarity as to what this menu selection actually does. Provided some optimizations for improving the drawing speed of the map. Modified track stats display so that if a track is selected from either the tracks tab or the map window, the statistics display will always show the track stats for the entire track. Modified file export dialog to automatically fill in the base name of the current gdb file as the default name for the exported file.

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