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He is currently dating fellow Broken Social Scene member and solo artist Leslie Feist.Kevin attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts, along with Metric’s Emily Haines and Stars’s Amy Millan, where he studied drama.You have to understand, I was fourteen years old– just imagine me at fourteen years old with a canoe panel rocking out to Bug on repeat.Go outside, smoke a couple cigarettes, go back in and do the show again because I can do it better– just lube up the canoe paddle and go for it.But I think that music will always be background to a certain degree.When I said it was an “emotional mixtape,” I meant that I am closing my eyes and singing some ballads and being irresponsible to the moment of later– I was only thinking of that moment then.Over the last five years we’ve had a lot of “whoa these guys are incredible! Pitchfork: It’s interesting to me because now, you’re working with J, which makes so much sense, but when you were coming up, if Dinosaur Jr. fans, because you immediately had an understanding of something.

And then the last year of that, I started steering towards “let’s make this a solo record,” I started singing and playing lots of stuff.It wasn’t like I wanted to be defined as a crooner singing about what didn’t work out or what did.I always found that a little silly in my world, and I am kind of a silly man at times. Most of them are in commercials, or in films, and they’re not even used in an emotional way.Then I went to You Forgot It In People, which was like, three boys, seven boys, eight boys, two boys, one guy, two insane boys, seven months of “what the fuck?” And then we went off and played and then made another record with Dave Newfeld and Canning that was like, three boys, two boys, eight boys, five boys…

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