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Reply Ridiculous, 13 days since incident and nothing done or offers to help. ” Gus said “today is his first day.” I said so you didnt bother to know his name? Tom could not find me in the Vons system with either I provided (818)264-9189 or (973)207-2859.

After reading the other reviews, I guess this is what Vons (Safeway) is about. 2018 and racial issues are as present as back in the year Vons was founded. I told Tom I forget I have the Vons card when I shop sometimes.

One other issue, why have you discontinued the Signature Select “Salted Caramel Butter Pecan” ice cream? I’ve gone into this store, Mira Mesa, California, a few times needing something.I went shopping today at Vons on Desert Inn and Durango in Vegas and while shopping I thought I lost my phone so I set everything down to dig in my purse when in fact I threw it in my basket. I continued to shop and when i was leaving this lady yelled for me, didn’t introduce herself and asked me to see inside my purse for a “random bag check.” I opened my purse willingly but clearly she wasn’t seeing what she was wanting to see so I asked her if she wanted me to take things out to speed up the process because I had perishables in the car already.She then asked me if I had receipts for some over the counter bottles of clearly previously used medicine.So sad us Vallejo Store manager vons Lincoln and Broadway store #2262. Spoke with Tim Hendrix Vins customer service line 9/19/2018. I also advised Tom I live down the street from Vons located on San Fernando Mission BLVD in Granada hills cross street is Balboa BLVD.After walking into Vons store #2262, I passed a security guard standing in the entrance. I live in Granada Hills on Danube Ave which is about a 3-5 minute drive from Vons.

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