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It said "parties of such marriages will not be received as members, or will they be used in worship services" or other church activities, unless it is a funeral.A meeting was held and by a 9 to 6 vote the proposal was passed. He said he is "not prejudiced against any race of people, have never in my lifetime spoke evil about a race.He says that if an interracial couple comes to the church they should welcome them and first get them "saved." "Forget counseling until they accept Christ as their Savior and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.Trying to counsel the unsaved in spiritual things is difficult..." That seems to imply that interracial marriage is a "spiritual thing" that does need counseling but that it only works on those who are "saved." He says if they are already married they can't be rejected but that if they are not "I would surely point out the negatives they may encounter by such a marriage." In other words, try to discourage them. He advises other pastors "to make the decision [to perform a marriage ceremony] based on whether you think the marriage is in the best interest of both parties." He even says, "These are not easy decisions for a pastor." Wrong—it is an easy decision for most pastors, it is only "not easy" for fundamentalists.The churches I attended preached against interracial marriage.

And Bob Gray was eventually exposed for having molested very young girls when they were members of his church.Fundamentalist Bob Jones University only allowed blacks to enroll in 1975 and it forbade interracial dating until the year 2000.But the media attention is intense and the current pastor is trying to get the church to revote on the issue.When you understand the phenomenon of fundamentalism, of any religion, it is clear why they will be lead opponents in the fight for equality.They were against the civil rights movement, women's rights and against equality of rights for gay people. To try to win them over with logic and reason is spitting in the wind.

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The proposal claimed to be a measure to enhance unity. That's what this being portrayed as, but it is not." Stella's father, Dean Harville, asked: "If he's not racist, what is this? When it comes to marriage equality for gay couples the fundamentalist opponents insist that inequality of rights must remain firmly entrenched. They "love the homosexual" often followed by "enough to condemn their sin." The ban on interracial couples got a lot of media attention since most folks haven't seen something like this in some time.

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