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Sometimes you can choose to go- Matt: Have you played other games in the David Cage lineup?

"Santa's Lap" is a variation on a theater game called "Surprise Guests." As with that character guessing game, one person will leave the stage area and be out of earshot.

This game also requires more set up than most people would think.

The improvisers need to remember certain rules that make watching it more entertaining. You get four chairs, three for the contestants and one for the person asking questions. This can be somebody from a cartoon or somebody in a movie (specifically the character, not the actor), but really it just needs to be somebody that doesn’t really exist.

For the next 90 seconds to five minutes, you are still a tough guy.

Matt as Kratos: After you have satiated a wench make sure to make a victory lap around the room- Woolie as Atreus: I'm 8. When I was but a toddler when my father no wait nevermind.

Woolie as Emon: Y'know I had a busy day putting kids in cages in forgotten labyrinths, and now...

Matt: "Well, dad, since my boss has a tongue piercing"...

I'm gonna start slapping your [...] Matt: Damn it, I'm so mad they didn't go to Modern Day... [...] Woolie: Like, silent cut to people walking around New York City on their phones. And the music is playing and you're on the waterfall, and you just had Jackpot.Matt: "I sure like motor oil" " why don't you drink some right now? Pat: Uhm No no, it's uh, my motor is not made for this. I need imported motor oil from that country you don't know. and then he got that weird Mohawk, "Well I doubt he cared. Matt: No, you can't get this shit if you just think you're right. Woolie: Like, I'm talking 2-3 minutes of nothing and he comes in like "YA WANNA WAIT FOR HIM TA SWING THE SWOOOOORD! Pat: I like the idea that he [Wander] steals the sword and Mono and they're like "Huh. He probably thinks I'm lame." And my dad is like "Well it's not about what your boss thinks" and then I go "Then what is it about, DAD! It’s a relatively low energy game, but when done well it can end up being hilarious.Most often, this relies on clever improvised answers rather than playing the game accurately.

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