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“Any traditional fiber media — yarn, thread, fabric, paper, string, that kind of things — would qualify (for the show), or practically any media using a traditional fiber technique such as stitching or weaving or knitting or quilting, something along those lines. We try to be really inclusive,” said Collier, also the president of Fiber Artists of Oklahoma.

“Part of our mission is to educate people of the range of fiber art being made, and we certainly as an organization have expanded, because we started out as the Hand Weavers' League of Oklahoma and it was strictly weaving.

And then people who were weaving were also doing other things, so it grew from there.” On view through Aug.

10 at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery, Collier said Fiberworks is marking its 40th anniversary at a time when fiber arts are going through a renaissance.

Featuring the work of 23 artists, “Layered Voices” at the Oklahoma State University of Museum of Art in Stillwater showcases textiles that illustrate each artist's interpretation of layers.

The Edmond Quilt Guild's 2018 exhibition is planned for Aug.

3-4 at Oklahoma Christian University, while the OKC Modern Quilt Guild's biennial show “Once Old Is New: Traditional Blocks, Modern Quilts” is on view through Aug. “Modern quilting is kind of looking at the past and putting a contemporary spin on it,” Atlee said.

“It's exciting to think that the Fiber Artists of Oklahoma organization ...

“This ‘Summer of Fiber' thing just kind of grew organically, and it is so interesting that all of this is happening kind of right here, right now.Thanks and Good Luck *Updated Monday, October 29, 2018 * Some affiliate links may be used.If you have previously been able to podcast the files, you may just need to log out of your account on and log back into your account, then update the podcast in i Tunes.This should reset your connection to the servers and release the files available in your podcast.Please make sure you have the correct login information.

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