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You can deactivate add-ons one at a time if you'd like to identify the add-on that's accessing your webcam.

Some applications may also cause your webcam's LED to blink.

If your webcam's LED does not flash after you reboot, launch your browser and watch the webcam's LED light.

If it starts blinking, a browser add-on may be causing the behavior.

Trojans, unlike viruses, do not spread through replication.

In the meantime, she's beefing up their system even more, and making a few other changes."My advice is always watch to see what your kids are doing.

My kids are now unfortunately no longer to be on the internet," she added.

Between Facebook security flaws and i Phone tracking technology, it seems like everyone who comes even mildly close to the Internet is at risk for being "hacked." But for one woman in Toronto, a seemingly innocent Netflix watching session took a creepy turn when a stranger hijacked her webcam.

It may not sound like a real word, but security experts describe "camfecting" as the process by which one person takes over someone else’s webcam.

While camfecting incidents aren't as widespread as regular virus infections, hackers do discover ways to hack into remote webcams and watch them.

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