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Throughout successive strata you see the population averages of teeth, feet, vertebrae, etc., changing from what is typical of the first species to what is typical of the next species.Sometimes, these sequences occur only in a limited geographic area (the place where the speciation actually occurred), with analyses from any other area showing an apparently "sudden" change.However, they are assumed to be closely related to the actual ancestor, since they have intermediate morphology compared to the next-oldest and next-youngest "links".The major point of these general lineages is that animals with intermediate morphology existed at the appropriate times, and thus that the transitions from the proposed ancestors are fully plausible.The term "transitional fossil" is used at least two different ways on, often leading to muddled and stalemated arguments.

Species-to-species transitions are even harder to document.Other times, though, the transition can be seen over a very wide geological area.Many "species-to-species transitions" are known, mostly for marine invertebrates and recent mammals (both those groups tend to have good fossil records), though they are not as abundant as the general lineages (see below for why this is so).If you have a specimen every million years, you can get the order of genera, but not which species were involved. These are rough estimates (from Gingerich, 1976, 1980) but should give an idea of the completeness required.Note that fossils separated by more than about a hundred thousand years cannot show anything about how a species arose.

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