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Students in the College of the Bible are classified as Classical, English, and Special. Board may be secured in the dormitory dining- room at .75 per week. Prerequisites, Greek A and B offered by Transylvania University, or their equivalent. "The Theology of the New Testament," by Stevens is used as a text-book, but collateral reading from other books is also required and much emphasis is placed on personal investigation of the doctrine studied. This course involves the consideration of the language of the New Testament, the authors, the contents and arrange- ment of the books, the credibility, relations of the synoptic gospels to each other and of their relations to the gospel of John. DEPARTMENT OF CHURCH HISTORY Professor Fortune The session. Newman, Fisher, and Schaff are the principal histories used but collateral reading from many other books is also required. The fundamental principles of the science of expression; the law governing the action of one's own mind in getting impressions and in revealing them, the history of hymnology, 30 The College of The Bible the structure and classification of hymns, and the classifica- tion of Scripture readings, together with the general prin- ciples by means of which any literary production may be analyzed and classified; thorough drill in the art of expression both vocal and pantomimic.

45 Student Help 41 Transylvania Handbook 51 Transylvania Seminary 20 Transylvania University 22 Transylvanian.

Vance Lexington TERM EXPIRES 1918 Mark Collis Lexington Benjamin M. Thomas Shelbyville OFFICERS OF THE BOARD Mark Collis, Chairman. English Grammar and Analysis with selected readings from literature. The food is substantial and amply sufficient for the needs of the student. Principles of Hermeneutics; exegesis of First and Sec- ond Corinthians, Romans, Hebrews, First and Second Peter. In the reading from the New Testament careful attention is given to the exegesis of the Greek text; the grammar of New Testament Greek; and the style, structure, and other problems of the books read. 28 The College of The Bible COURSE E Professor Fortune New Testament Doctrine. Special emphasis is placed upon the ancient period, tracing the development from the Apostolic to the Catholic Church, and also upon the modern period, beginning with the Reformation in Ger- many.

Neal Harrodsburg Alfred Fairhurst Lexington John T. The preparatory studies for the English Course are the following: 16 The College of The Bible 1. English Grammar and Composition with select- ed readings from literature. If payment is made before Tuesday noon a reduction of 25 cents per week will be allowed. This course is introduced by a brief survey of the historical development of the Common Dialect, in which particular attention is given to the Greek used by the Hellenistic Jews, with the reading of selections from the Septuagint, and to current theories concerning the language used by the New Testament writers. The design of this course is to give the student a clear view of the development of the Church. Text-books — Curry's Lessons in Vocal Expression ■ Nicholas Smith's Hymns Historically Famous.

Student Kentucky University, 1870-1876; Graduate The College of the Bible, 1876; Principal of Cadiz High School; teacher of Latin in Cadiz Normal School, 1882-1883; President and Professor of Latin and Greek in South Ken- tucky Christian College, 1S83-1885; Professor of Biblical Literature, Eureka College, 1889-1895; Professor of New Testament Introduction and Exegesis, The Colloge of the Bible 1895 — ; Student Harvard Divinity School, summer of 1905; Spent summer of 1908 traveling and lecturing in England and Scotland; Minister Christian Church, Cadiz, Ky.; Henderson, Ky, ; Richmond Street, Cincinnati; Columbia, Mo. Any failure in this particular which becomes known to the faculty is followed by due admonition, and, if thought needful, by dismission from the College. The elements of Latin Grammar, with reading and written exercises. General Information 19 The faculty exercises the right to extend and other- wise enrich the required courses between a student's first matriculation and his graduation, on the ground that such extension and improvement fully compensate him for any additional labor which may thereby be re- quired of him for graduation. It studies in detail the grading, or- ganization, and management of the modern Bible School. COURSE D Principles of Teaching in the Bible School.

GOVERNMENT AND DISCIPLINE Students are required to conduct themselves with Christian propriety at all times and in all places. The preparatory studies for the Classical Course in- clude all of those mentioned above as necessary for the English Course, and also the following additional stu- dies: General Information 17 10. On grad- uation a diploma is granted to the student, representing the course completed by him. This course deals with the kind of architecture needed by the educational church, together with a study of the types of 1 32 The College of The Bible Bible School buildings.

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Catalogue of The College of the Bible LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY ,9,2 - ,9 & Z D u J H O z TRANSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY LEXINGTON, KY.

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