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I also gave up 2 sweetners in tea/coffee and now have nothingit takes about a week of thinking 'yuck' then suddenly it seems normal.

If you then taste sweetened tea/coffee it tastes really bad and you wonder how you used to drink it Furball, I;m the same.

Mayb I shall have a browse next time I go shopping and see what takes my fancy. I have tried fruit tea in the past and not been too keen. Another lady was a bit upset as she is following the plan to the letter and is gaining weight every week, she has been a member for a long time and has already lost a lot of weight.

He preferred "The Big Dipper", which was inspired by his friends who saw him dip his head as he walked through doorways.

After his basketball career ended, Chamberlain played volleyball in the short-lived International Volleyball Association, was president of this organization, and is enshrined in the IVA Hall of Fame for his contributions.

Any milk from tea in the day I'll add as a syn per cup. Hopefully I'll have my head around it soon and race ahead The only thing with weetabix is they use alot of milk.

I (this sounds horrible, but again like 'no sugar' now is normal) wet mine first with boiling water before adding the milk. With the sultana bran - you could add a chopped banana for no syns which would 'pad' it out bit? In the last two years I've gone from "normal tea" to green tea - then white tea - & now only drink herbal tea - such as dandelion, nettle, fennel.

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