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Every time I tried to load a page with flash player contents it crashed, and in the case of You Tube it just mentioned the contents couldn't be played at this time and it asked to retry later (some sort of insanity, it doesn't matter how many times I'd have tried nor how later I'd retried the result would have been always the same).So none of the contents that required the flash player plugin could be played.I tried watching a video that told me I needed a new updated plugin so I went to the adobe site and downloaded the new version. I tried fully uninstalling flash player from my computer so I could reinstall it and see if that would work; it didn't.

It looks like the most recent update to Netflix is causing the app to crash endlessly when loading videos.

Please DON'T discuss here about specific device issues like - Where find ROM for a device - How to fix problem on device - etc To use Flashtool you should have installer Mediatek USB preloader driver.

There are two types of USB driver for Mediatek devices.

The reg key above makes sense Cache Others Mail to 0 I only see this issue where our staff have another user's mailbox mapped.

I always as a matter of course untick the Download shared folders box in Advanced settings, when setting up a new user.

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