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Either way, you can be sure many a Blair-wannabe will pick up her album and blog their little hearts out about its merits - or lack thereof.

Meester will also be appearing alongside Gossip costar Blake Lively on NBC's 30 Rock, as well as reprising her role as Justine on Entourage this Sunday, Sept. - Erin Fox Leighton Meester is ready to go from Gossip Girl to pop princess: The actress has inked a record deal with Universal Republic Records to release her debut album this fall.

Or at least that's what we hear it's about—because, of course, we have never seen this Gossip Girl, and honestly, we had to ask a young woman at work, because we're always riveted by Ultimate Fighting and chain-saw competitions.

"Guys are like, 'My girlfriend watches it, so I watch it,' " Meester says. Someone came up to me recently and said, 'I'm a Washington, D.

Meester has always enjoyed making music, but this time around, she wants the public to hear her work as well.

more Former “Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford sits courtside with a new lady friend, Taylor Swift takes a fan photo and Lindsay Lohan hits Brazil before heading to rehab next month. The “Gossip Girl” crew turned out at Cipriani in NYC over the weekend to celebrate the CW show’s 100th episode.

Hype, sex appeal and the promise of young audiences turned Shane Smith's wild brainchild into one of the hottest digital brands on the planet. Now it’s up to the new CEO to clean up the .7 billion media company’s culture and balance sheet as she prepares to launch a nightly live show on Viceland and as Vice's weekly HBO show is expected to end.

Oh yeah Walked in the club with my girls We were ready to party I´m a ten that´s why I don´t have to spend, no ID when I get in Drinks on hand, drinks on hand Because Why you think the club hot? Cuz I set it on fire You wanna taste with your tongue Don´t burn, think about it, don´t be stupid Boys when will they ever learn? To burn off like you do (x2) DJ spin, hot again, cause I wanna keep movin´ From my head to my toes Got all these boys drooling Every club that I go to I lock down Every city every town Ask around ask around Cuz Why you think the club hot? Cuz I set it on fire Wanna taste with your tongue Don´t burn, think about it, don´t be stupid Leighton Meester Body Control lyrics Gimme music, now I need it Gotta loose it, wanna move it Faster, louder, keep it going all night I can take you to the limit Move it how I like Bodies poppin' never stopping Feelin' free like I'm alive I become a wild thing (yeah uh huh) I know that I become a wild thing (yeah uh huh) so what?

CHORUS: Is there somebody who still believes in love?

I know you’re out there There’s got to be somebody I search around the world But I can’t seem to find Somebody to love ROBIN THICKE: Baby girl, there you at Looking at me like a putty cat Wondering where that thing is at Wondering where your ring is at Nobody ever did it quite like this Nobody ever did it quite like you Do your hair, I bought you shoes We can hit the town like superstars do The queen bee of Gossip Girl's Upper East Side announced at New York's Fashion Week that she will be recording and releasing an album, reports Access Hollywood.

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