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g., " waltz," " dance," " march," " cantata," " schottische," " nocturne," " impromptu," " sonata," " etude," " study," " exercise," etc., without differentiating words and only identifiable by the name of the composer) are entered under the composer's name with- out cross references from the titles. — As the publishers of musical compositions are generally also the claimants of copyright the imprint is omitted, but when the name and address of the publisher differs from that of the copyright proprietor, men- tion of the fact is made at the end of the title as an imprint giving place of publication and name of publisher. A ttj memoria; cancion, arreglo por Guillermo Posadas [of Mexico, domi- ciled at New York] (Canciones mexicanas) [14021 © July 17, 1919; 2 c. Piano music is understood to be for two hands unless otherwise stated. Songs are understood to be with piano accompaniment unless otherwise stated. While no special proclamation has been issued on behalf of Hun- gary so far as the provisions of section 1 (e) are concerned, the proclamation dated October 15, 1912. [Copyright is claimed on new arrangement.] A koilen ; sekele, song, music arr. S.] (Cover title: Dus zekele mit koilen.) [14019 © May 24, 1919; 2 c. Titles reading "Word by," "Music by," are to be understood as songs. putting into effect the conven- tion between the United States and Hungary, specifically provides that the general copyright protection secured by article 1 includes the copyright control of mechanical musical reproductions. The copyright convention signed at the Fourth International . May 31, 1919 ; E 452041 ; Saul Schenker, New - York. The abbreviations used in this part are as follows : " E," Class E, Musical compositions; " D," Class D, Dramatico-musical compositions; I ©," implies copyright registration of a published composition, followed by date of publication; "© 1 c," stands for copyright of an unpublished work followed by date of receipt in the Copyright Office of the printed or manu- script copy, and " 2 c," for 2 copies, followed by the date of their receipt. In case of contributions to periodicals only one copy of the issue or issues containing such contributions is required. July 28, 1919 ; E 433332 ; Shapiro, Bernstein & co., inc., New York. Album de miniatures; by A Morin- Labrecque [of Canada] ; piano.

(2) Collections having general titles, such as " Fiinf studien," " 12 etudes elementaires," etc., and pieces published without individual identifying titles, but designating the class of musical work (e. [Copyright is claimed on arrangement] Aaron and Moses ; words and music by C. The United States now has reciprocal copyright protection of music against unauthorized reproduction by mechanical musical in- struments in the case of Australia, and the territories of Papua and Norfolk Island, Belgium, Cuba, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxemburg, New Zealand, and Norway. The President signed proc- lamations to this effect on the following dates: Australia, and tho territories of Papua and Norfolk Island (Apr. July 30, 1919; E 433401; Benjamin Sharp, Sinton, Tex. July 14, 1919; A r,2S773; Alhertine Morin- Labrecque, Montreal, Canada. [Copyright is claimed on editing.] Album of five miniatures; by Leo- pold Ashton [of England], with bowing and fingering by Albert Sain- Album of five miniatures — Continued, inons; violin and piano.

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