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Whilst preparing for an upcoming school festival, Sayori reveals that she suffers from depression and confesses her love for the protagonist.

As the day of the festival approaches, Sayori's usually bittersweet poem is replaced with a dark and morbid note repeatedly telling someone to get out of her head.

If the player goes through all of the options, they will unlock an alternate ending.

At one point in the game, the player is required to access the game's files and delete a specific file in order to progress further; throughout the game, files will be added and deleted automatically from the game.

Just before the festival, Yuri presents the protagonist with a stained, illegible poem, and apparitions of a faceless Natsuki appear.

Yuri later confesses her love to the protagonist, then stabs herself to death, out of grief or excitement, depending on whether the protagonist accepted her confession.

The player is able to create poems for only three of the four girls, which serves as a plot point in the game.

Additional scenes can be unlocked for each girl if the player writes poems targeted at that girl's tastes, and chooses the correct dialogue options.

Monika instead invites the protagonist to the club.

Due to another glitch, the protagonist unwittingly spends the weekend sitting by her body.

On Monday, Natsuki enters, vomits at the sight of Yuri's corpse, and flees.

The player is sent back to the main menu, with all previous save files erased.

The game starts as usual, but what used to be Sayori's text and name is replaced with unreadable text.

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At certain points in the game the player is prompted to make decisions which may affect how the story progresses.

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