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For the details of how we did this, see the article entitled "How We Obtained the Rice Haplotype" in our newsletter.

Knowing the haplotypes of Edmund Rice and several other progenitors, we can now .

For male Rices who already have reason to believe you are not Edmund Rice's descendants, the comparison may reveal whether or not the separate Rice families have some connection back in the British Isles.

In either case, it should be clear that some in order to get the most out of the DNA results.

For more information contact our project administrator/coordinator: Bob Rice.

When you join our project, we add your DNA results to the data tables shown below, identified only by an arbitrary code, not by your name.

For those of you who wonder whether you may be his descendants, such a comparison can help to investigate that possibility.

A match with Edmund's haplotype will confirm that you are indeed related (though not necessarily a descendant) and will encourage and aid you in further genealogical research to discover your Rice ancestral line.

However, the two are genetically distinct and have no common genealogy.

Only six samples from outside of North America have been analyzed, and most of these are unmatched.

As more such samples are included, more matches should eventually be found.

We have on line a portion of the Rice family history (Edmund and five generations of his descendants) to help in finding the connection if you do match.

On the other hand, a big difference from Edmund would indicate you are not related to him at all, but might reveal a similarity to other Rices who are related instead.

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