Dir 615 validating identity

Author: Unknown, but it is so hacked up it doesn't matter by now. Author: Mike Schwartz mandel A Mandelbrot set program.

hello Demonstrates creation of a simple window, "hello world". latffp Shows how to access the Motorola Fast Floating Point library from Lattice C. Author: Larry Hildenbrand palette Sample program for designing color palettes.

After a network interruption during which the client side had broken the connection, the server side sockets remained open until the JGroups channel was shut down.

The An issue that resulted in clients receiving errors has been resolved in this release.

With this update, the race condition no longer occurs, the transaction commit uses the correct data when using a JTS transaction manager under load, and transactions are committed correctly.

Inactivating a JBoss Cache region locked the entire subtree of the region's parent and never unlocked it.

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On the AMIGA, there is no connect mode, only send and receive.

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