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Those in the former category are said to be radioactive and eventually are transformed, by radioactive decay, into the latter.One of the three types of particles or radiation (alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays) is emitted during each stage of the decay.

For example, the lifetime of human red blood cells (about 120 days) was established with the use of , are of practical clinical importance in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and knowledge of the rates of distribution and disposal of a wide variety of radioactive substances is basic to the problem of evaluating the hazard from fallout radiation.

One of the outstanding achievements in which radioisotopes have played a role has been the use of carbon-14 in the elucidation of the metabolic path of carbon in photosynthesis.

The products produced in the first few seconds following exposure to light have been identified by combinations of paper chromatography and autoradiography.

The mass of 1 curie, the unit of disintegration rate, depends inversely upon the half-life and directly upon the atomic weight of the particular radioisotope; it is 1 gram for I (half-life 8.0 days).

In tracer experiments with small animals, microcurie quantities are usually adequate.

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