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Change motivates him to activity, much like my morning cup of coffee wakes me up, but he fades quickly until more change comes. They have structure and consistency in their lives as much as two imperfect but being perfected parents can offer. The presence of an unchanging, holy God gives the only real stability and consistency that can exist in a world where all else seems to live in the unexpected even with our desperate attempts at controlling everything.

And also for 'INTERACTIONS AND DISCUSSIONS' regarding this blog's posts 'JOIN ITS FACEBOOK COMMUNITY/GROUP' that is mentioned on the right hand side of this page. We must learn to expect the unexpected and deal with change as it comes at us. He’d like the same meal routine week in and week out, and he’d also like to stay well within the realm of the known and expected at all times. How do you react to change when it happens in your life? Sometimes, we simply have to choose how we let change shape us. At least, that seems to be truth when the focus lies with how change challenges our comfort and expectations. Change As A Catalyst For Transformation My oldest resists change.However, certain objectives in the implementation plan are given priority keeping in mind the immediate situation as well as the resources and funds available at that point in time.Planning as an activity is based upon the application of various mathematical forecasting tools using which projections of future with some certainty may be possible.

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