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that’s what you and I have been talking about before, is that single women shouldn’t settle for the first date that takes them out, because if there’s no chemistry there, or there’s no potential for a relationship because you have nothing in common, don’t settle for the first guy that asks you out.Don’t even settle for the second guy that asks you out.MH: As single women, sometimes we can allow the pressures and the expectations and all the things we put into meeting a guy to literally destroy the relationship, because we’re already planning the wedding while the man is still planning the first date. She’s found some guy that she’s already, as you say, laid out in her mind how it should work out, but she’s not allowing herself to get lost in the moment and to discover something about herself that she didn’t know existed. Like if a single man who’s never been married meets a woman who’s been through a divorce, do you think his perspective is kind of the same as this girl’s is?So I definitely think that she just needs try and just relax and enjoy this new relationship and live in the moment and see how things go and how they progress, and only THEN start thinking about the divorce issue. Do you think he would back away like “Oh, this divorce scares me”? You could use the analogy that if two people get dropped off in the jungle somewhere, you hope one of them has been in the jungle before and has survival skills. Basically he got married in his early 20′s and realized it was a mistake (the divorce was his choice). My parents have always told me to stick it out with one person, like they have. There are just so many thoughts going through my head. Mandy Hale: Okay…as a guy, I’m wondering if you caught this: if you read her very first line, it says “I’ve been talking to this guy for just a week…” I know that men and women are so vastly different in that a woman meets a man and we immediately start planning the wedding in our heads, we try out their last name with our name, etc. Being young, I didn’t ever picture myself getting with someone with has already been married. I’m just so torn because I do like him as a person but I’m worried that I may get insecure later or that he just won’t be committed.You shouldn’t have to settle, and it seems like this guy hasn’t settled.

DG: What I thought was interesting about that is that it’s applicable to this girl here because her way may have been so structured, where she has her directions already laid out. Someone who has the experience of knowing where it broke down. He has a daughter who’s now 20 years old and I met him when his daughter was about 8. However, at the vortex of our family, we hold our relationship above and beyond everything else, because if we don’t allow our relationship to be paramount, eventually you end up like my friend who said: “I just realized that my wife and I just started drifting apart because we really didn’t know each other anymore.

So when you meet them, straightaway – you’re going to at least know what the rules of engagement are, cause they’ll say: “I was in a relationship and I was miserable because I couldn’t go out on the weekends and hang out with my buddies and watch sports all day Saturday and all day Sunday.” So at least now you know for a fact…

that’s who that person is, and if you are prepared to live with that. If you’re not, right there and then, you realize – that’s the end of that.

And that’s why a lot of people say “What went wrong?

” Half the time, things break down because of a lack of communication, where you’re too busy or concerned about “Am I sounding interesting?

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