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If a girl sees a guy she is interested in, she will walk past and subtly drop a napkin with her name and number on it. They can continue strolling the mall and Bluetoothing or chatting on their Blackberries while flirting with each other from afar.Desperate loosers Some guys are so desperate they even resort to calling random mobile numbers hoping for a girl to pick up. The calls will keep coming constantly, usually in the middle of the night.Some Saudi girls go here “grocery shopping” usually with a friend or a maid in tow.She will be donning her flashy abaya and most likely have very strong make-up on.He started frantically repeating his number to me while still hanging onto my cart.

The interested guy goes to the girl, grabs the cart and starts walking next to her as they were a couple. The countries strict laws on gender segregation make sure all contact between the sexes is minimized. It would appear that there is no such thing as dating in Saudi-Arabia.We were yanking the cart back and forth for a while.First I imagined he thought that it was his but when I pulled out my mobile to call my husband the guy went nuts.

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Sometimes dating and flirting attempts from young Saudi males tend to go a bit overboard though.

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