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As useful as the dovetail joint was, it was hard to make. The 1800's was a time of advancement and mechanization for woodworking machinery.

Rotary saws were being developed and blacksmiths were no longer making nails one by one in a forge.

Adhesives give strength and durability to joints of varying shapes and sizes.

If you want two different pieces of wood to stay connected you need to create a strong joint but you also want it to look nice too.

A hand cut dovetail can be differentiated from a machine cut dovetail with close inspection. Each pin and each tail are the exact same size and shape.

A hand cut tail and pin has some variety in size and shape.

It has also been found in ancient furniture from archaeological sites in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

As the practice was improved more tails were added and the tails became smaller.

Hand cut dovetails, are more of hobby these days and are used in replicating authentic fine antique furniture.

We have fine case piece made by Israel Fineberg that was made in the 1940's using hand cut dovetails.

Most furniture is held together by a combination of mechanical fasteners and structural adhesives.

Nails, screws, and brackets brace corners support shelves and keep furniture structurally secure.

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His joint, also called a pin and cove joint was only used for brief period running from 1870 to 1910.

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