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After I've evaluated your machine and determined that it's suitable to be sold from our website I will send you instructions for packing and shipping. I collect my commission from the proceeds of the sale, and I get to sell the finest sewing machines ever made!

More information on condition in regards to value can be found below.

My service includes providing the eventual buyer with a 1-year guarantee on the machine. In evaluating your machine I will look at the amount of wear or thinning to the gold decoration, particularly on the front edge at the "fabric path".

I will try to assess the degree of shine, or lack of, to the black paint, and the amount of scratches or "pin marks" on the surface.

Most Featherweights were painted black, but during the 1960's Singer manufactured Featherweights in beigey-tan and white / pale green colors.

To celebrate their 100 year anniversary Singer branded a relatively small number of machines manufactured during 19 with a special logo to commemorate this, and these are referred to as "Centennials".

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