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"It has been observed by both comedians and more serious thinkers that such shiksas are often fetishized by Jewish men", should I conjure up the term 'weaselwords'?— Malik Shabazz (Talk | contribs) , 27 October 2007 (UTC) In fact, the original word is the masculine gender, which in English would be spelled Shaygetz.There are some people who feel that the word is an insult, no matter what the context.I tend not to think of words as having offense in of themselves, (an article on the word shouldn't be offensive, but being called a "shiksa" probably would be, if the target knew the meaning of the word and its history). Flory (talk) , 17 December 2007 (UTC) Please read my remark under the Pejorative paragraph.The word is absolutely used in a way that is both pejorative and intended to be so, and 2.That I wasn't called a "shiksa" before I started dating my (Jewish) boyfriend.SO, too, it refers to a non-Jewish woman in the sense of being taboo.Like eating pork.) I reverted the edit, but I'd like to capture both thoughts.

It would be used for someone dating a Jew, or for any other kind of young lady, to whom you didn't want to be kind. Rafael Please read my remark under the Pejorative paragraph.There’s nothing pejorative about its literal meaning, but connotatively it is often used as a put-down in Jewish life. That complicates dating because you’re not just dating the girl, you’re dating her family as well. These ties, these interconnections, these complicated and numerous bonds make objectification difficult, and without objectification, a man can’t get hard.When I’m writing for a general audience, I’ll choose whatever language best expresses what I want to say, without consideration for who gets offended. If you’re thinking about your date’s mother, you’re not likely to get excited.I struggled for a little while, and the best I could come up with was: Thanks for your response.Not pejorative or derogatory in any real sense, except that which derives from being forbidden and taboo ( and perhaps being associated and equivocated with other things that are forbidden and taboo.

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Then the article says that the word shiksa is widely used and accepted.

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