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It has been found to have good internal reliability and acceptable concurrent validity.

The AAS is a five-item measure scored on a yes/no scale, with positive responses to any question denoting abuse.

It was also found that women's use of physical violence was more likely motivated by self-defense or fear whereas men's use of violence was motivated by control.

A 2010 systematic review published in the journal of Trauma Violence Abuse found that the common motives for female on male IPV were anger, a need for attention, or as a response to their partner's violence.

One side of this debate argues that mainly men perpetrate IPV (the gender asymmetry perspective), Research has shown that the nature of the abuse inflicted by women upon male partners is different from the abuse inflicted by men, in that it is generally not used as a form of control and does not cause the same levels of injury or fear of the abusive partner.

Intimate terrorism, or coercive controlling violence (CCV), occurs when one partner in a relationship uses coercive control and power over the other partner, The victims of one type of abuse are often the victims of other types of abuse.It was created to detect abuse perpetrated against pregnant women.The screening tool has been tested predominantly with young, poor women. Elaine Storkey in her comprehensive analysis, Scars Across Humanity IVP Academic 2018, argues that intimate partner violence is one aspect of a global manifestation of violence against women.This is the most common form of intimate partner violence, particularly in the western world and among young couples, and involves members of both sexes nearly equally.Among college students, Johnson found it to be perpetrated about 44% of the time by women and 56% of the time by men.

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