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How these topics are brought out by the mother/father dynamic make for human, moving, and original stories.

Compare “SMILF” to TV’s other (excellent) single mom series, Pamela Adlon’s “Better Things,” and the shared custody, setting, and class difference stand out in Shaw’s show.

The relationship between Bridgette and Rafi is one of the series’ strongest elements, as their divergent backgrounds introduce fundamental differences in parenting styles.

He’s devout, while she has a skeptical attitude toward organized religion.

Shaw stars as Bridgette, a Bostonian living in Southie who works as a part-time tutor, part-time actress, and part-time overeater.

(Bridgette binge eats on occasion.) She’s a single mom who always, always, needs to be available for her son, Larry Bird (played by sisters Alexandra Mary Reimer and Anna Chanel Reimer and named after the Boston Celtics legend).

She can’t go out, period, because her job doesn’t afford her such luxuries.

She can’t get a better job because she has to have a flexible schedule and, even then, work close to home.

Birthed from Frankie Shaw’s Sundance award-winning short film, “SMILF” joins the growing canon of series that are far better than the knee-jerk reaction to their titles.It’s that Nelson represents the possibilities still open to Rafi that seem so far removed from Bridgette.For as much as Rafi is there for Larry, Bridgette is there.In fact, if they’re like me they probably go to bed most nights thinking that they’ve dropped the ball again.3. I don’t blame the people who left – I understand – as I’m a different person now than I was five years ago. Girlfriends to laugh with and share times with and tell me it’s okay and just to be there for me. The greatest gift you can give your friend is to love her through this process and not remind her of 7. In fact, I’ve kind of eliminated the phrase how do you do it from my list of things to say to someone. They’ll get used to their new routine, will find normal and will regain that balance. The biggest gift you can give them is that gift of time, not judging and simply being a friend. I know I value my friends so much – the ones that have stuck with me and given me grace. So does having that friend you can call at midnight or the friend who tells you that you are worth a million dollars so does having someone who loves you no matter what. And if you are the single mom reading this – you are not alone.

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Please don’t tell them that your husband traveling is the same as being a single mom and therefore you understand. So if there’s a tear shed for a seemingly normal thing that just might be why. I think instead of encouraging it kind of makes the recipient think how in the world do I do it? There’s no one to help with dinner or the kids or carpool or school or homework or any of it. And your single mom friend needs to believe that as well. Oh my goodness, I know that I haven’t been the best friend during this season, but I do try and love my friends for loving me. Because for so long I struggled with feeling alone and shame.

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