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The hypothalamus is important because of its relationship to the pituitary gland, which lies beneath it.

The pituitary gland secretes hormones that are produced in the hypothalamus and itself.

This is a small area at the base of the brain consisting of several groups of nerve cell bodies that receives input from the limbic system.

Studies have shown that within lab animals, destruction of certain areas of the hypothalamus causes the elimination of sexual behavior.

His instinct theory said humans are driven from birth by the desire to acquire and enhance bodily pleasures, thus supporting the nature debate.

Freud redefined the term sexuality to make it cover any form of pleasure that can be derived from the human body.

Women have a monthly reproductive cycle, whereas the male sperm production cycle is more continuous.

The hypothalamus is the most important part of the brain for sexual functioning.

His developmentalist perspective was governed by inner forces, especially biological drives and maturation, and his view that humans are biologically inclined to seek sexual gratification demonstrates the nature side of the debate.

Socio-cultural aspects of sexuality include historical developments and religious beliefs.

Examples of these include Jewish views on sexual pleasure within marriage and some views of other religions on avoidance of sexual pleasures.

Some cultures have been described as sexually repressive.

The study of sexuality also includes human identity within social groups, sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs), and birth control methods.

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