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While the new car is good in so many ways, the old 308 takes us back to Peugeot’s lacklustre era.Used car buyers are voting with their wallets, which is why a 308 built between 20 retains just 21.1% of its value after three years.If you bought one new at an average price of £17,261, you’ll have lost £12,261 after three years.

Witness the Chevrolet Cruze: a car that will retain 29.2% of its value after three years.When new, the Proton Savvy was cheap, but not cheap enough. The five-door hatchback may have boasted Lotus-engineered handling and a Lotus-designed interior, but it didn’t make for a sensible buy.If you paid £8,175 for your Malaysian city car between 20, you’d have lost £6,538 in depreciation. An average new price of £10,843 and average depreciation of £8,952 equates to a 17.5% OCN.Depreciation is usually the single biggest running cost associated with buying a new car.Fact is: you’ll lose hundreds, possibly thousands, simply by driving your shiny new car out of the showroom.

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