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In their first month, their midday block featuring (now former Senator) Al Franken drew more listeners in the demographic category desired by advertisers than competing stations featuring Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.

State of Belief is a webcast hosted by the Reverend C. This show takes on the wingnuttery of the growing fundamentalist right wing of Christianity and its non-Biblical teachings like the prosperity gospel.

When Schultz started using Goldman as fill-in host, Goldman held popular show ratings and was encouraged to host his own show. His motto is "Where fierce independence is the norm." - thus he will criticize and praise either "side of the political isle" depending on how he analyzes the particular issues.

Recognizing the demise of terrestrial (brick-and-mortar facilities) radio stations, he offers "Beyond the Norm" podcast subscriptions.

Leslie Marshall is a passionate contributor to the talk radio scene, once she discovered it after doing regular old-fashioned radio for a few years, and combines the firebrand waving anger of Mike Malloy with the "engage the conservative idiots who call me" style of Sam Seder.

Her slogan is "the only true democracy in talk radio". She is also pretty hot, what a shame that she hides her light under the bushel of radio.

Tom Leykis was an unabashed political libertarian during the 1990s, and used to advertise himself as "the talk show that is not hosted by a right wing wacko or a convicted felon", the latter in reference to G. He has since turned into something more like a shock jock, and is less political than he once was.

"Mama" Stephanie Miller's three-hour daily show is an outrage liberal comedy show, and features her producer, "Stuttering John" Melendez, and "voice deity" Jim Ward.Liberal talk radio, also known as progressive talk radio, is a talk radio format that expresses liberal or progressive viewpoints, as opposed to conservative talk radio.The format has existed in the United States for many years.Gaddy is also chairman of The Interfaith Alliance progressive radio talk show.Born and raised in New York City, Goldman got his start in 2006 when he was featured as "Senior Legal Analyst" on The Ed Schultz radio show. liberal or progressive, but is a solid Democrat in direction.

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