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“He always talks me round,” she explained, so she just stopped talking to him.

She only managed to find the traction she needed to get out when she stopped engaging.And that's why, when I read a New York Times article on the phenomenon of 'ghosting' recently, I felt an immediate thrill of dark recognition.A name, at last, for that sudden invasion of silence and nothingness; for that sudden boyfriend shaped hole, as if he had simply barrelled through the walls of our relationship and fled like a cartoon escapee.The classic ‘ghoster’ stereotype is every feckless, commitment-phobe you’ve ever met, ending a conversation with a promise to call and then disappearing off the face of the planet.And in lots of circumstances it probably is the coward’s way out – how much easier to simply disappear than to have to explain you really can’t tolerate the sound of your-once beloved chewing their food even one more time.

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At the very least, it brings a devastating clarity to proceedings.

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