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I hope he's done his homework about the prevalence of this virus, because he's likely to run into it or HSV-2 again if he goes out and dates other women.And the next person might not even know they have it, since 90% of folks don't.) And because I do want to have a chance at a relationship with him, I had a bloodtest done today, to find out for certain which type I have.(He has agreed to be tested as well, just in case he has previously contracted the virus.) Please tell me best and worst case senerios, if I have HSV1 and then for HSV2.If someone told me they weren't interested in nailing me because of herpes, I'd lose them.

Pearls9 So if you got the initial outbreak from oral sex, your genital HSV is most likely type I.20 yrs ago, during my first sexual encounter (only oral sex) my partner (husband) had a cold sore on his mouth.I broke out, ended up in the hospital and diagnosed with genital herpes (not sure which type.) I have not had a noticable outbreak (if any - none diagnosed) throughout the years, even through pregnancy.typically as time goes on with the disease outbreaks become less severe 3/4 the time, however sometimes get worse most likely due to other immune influnces.Also, if he has type I orally, just like your husband, would be harder to inoculate him genitally, already has antibodies to the virus. One more question though - I was molested (with fingers) when I was seven. I don't, only hsv 2, so I am not so sure even hsv 2 is all that contagious either cuz I have been with him when I was red, irritated, itching, etc. I think you are really good to go and if this guy doesn't take a chance on you due to this, then move on.

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This is actually more common than you think, especially newly acquired.

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