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In contrast, older adults aged 45 years and over made up a smaller proportion of the population in capital cities (37%) than in the rest of Australia (45%).The population pyramid also highlights differences between the sexes.The following graph (called a 'population pyramid') compares the age/sex structure of the population residing in greater capital cities with the population residing in the rest of Australia.Each dark bar illustrates the percentage contribution of a sex and five-year age group to the total population of capital cities, while each light bar illustrates the percentage contribution to the rest of Australia's population.At June 2017, the median age of the Australian population (the age at which half the population is older and half is younger) was 37.3 years, which is unchanged from June 2012.The median age of males at June 2017 was 36.4 years while the median age of females was 38.1 years.

With the exception of New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, the ratio of males to females was lower in the capital city than in the rest of the state or territory.

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Adelaide (96.7) had the lowest sex ratio of all capital cities, while Darwin (111.5) had the highest.

Darwin was the only capital city where males outnumbered females.

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