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Well good evening you blog nuts I trust you all had a good day in school today.Tonights installment is a follow on from my last blog how technology helps students with learning difficulties. Well being the absolute techno ignoramous this was the first time I used one!

How do you describe being the best but also continuously improving, at the same time?Team engagement, communication, ownership/accountability, measures for success and a readiness of associates and the organization to adapt to the change are just a few concepts you should see in this project. Many of the concepts used in setting best practices are the same as those employed in a culture of continuous improvement.It comes down to a willingness to use these tools continuously, and not stop when the project completes.That would be something to shoot for, the ability to leap over thirteen feet in the air using just a stick and your own two legs. If athletes didn’t strive to not only match, but beat records, those extra seven feet would not have been realized.If you wanted to emulate that, you would find out more about the athlete. But business takes this concept to a whole new place.

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